Dr. Nick and Hot Aussie Chick Podcast

September 9th, 2019:


On this episode of Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick podcast the dynamic duo discuss the latest happenings of the casino gaming world.

The upcoming world gaming expo in Las Vegas is fast approaching and Dr. Nicks Credentials have been denied AGAIN... find out why.

Also pants dropping poker player gets charged with terrorism, and Dr. Nick has a unique connection to the case.  Also, the Hot Aussie Chick is now a Chinese Pin Up Girl … How can this be?

Lastly, we check on the latest happenings with the area 51 storming.

August  28th, 2019:

Global Casino Chaos

This week Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick take you around the world to visit the global Casino chaos that is in our sights.

Whether it be Malta, Australia, New Zealand United States, China, Cambodia, the Phillipines or, the Ukraine, global casino chaos is clearly happening.

There are casinos closing, there are casinos opening, there are casinos on hold. Let’s not forget that there are also casinos being robbed and people being shot dead. Players are being arrested in poker rooms & players are sinking on boats, literally.

There are financial services involved from different government agencies, outstanding taxes in the millions, and, of course, the junkets that we have been discussing each and every show from Asia infiltrating worldwide, Australia especially.

No matter which country you are from in the world, which continent you live or, it seems,  (area 51 style) even which planet you reside on there is going to be a casino gaming story that will interest you this week. Where will this global casino chaos take us? Listen in to find out!

August  14th, 2019:

Grand Theft Poker Jokes & Grand Theft Auto Casino

If you tuned in to Dr. Nick & the cray cray Hot Aussie Chick last week you’ll have heard about Chinese gangs via Crown Casino. This week they talk about more popping up, physical & mental brutality & control for illegal casino workers (including even taking their passport) & a whole bunch of take overs, not happenings & merges. Sound like a show of Grand Theft Poker Jokes & Grand Theft Auto Casino? It truly is! Read on...

If we were ever going to lose you as listeners, this would be the week! We could be joined alongside Jesse & his joke on robbing poker players on Friday night. We of course, give opinion, details & apology info on that. We also tell you who is about to POP! So exciting!

Is it ever ok to speak of the robbing of a gambler & his roll as he leaves the casino via joke? Are you a fan of the new GTA Casino? Do you think there will ever be a casino in Chicago? So many questions!

Let us know your thoughts! We sure let you know ours!

August  8th, 2019:

Macau to Hollywood Gamblers - The Cameras That Be!

Dr Nick & the Hot Aussie Chick update this week on the illegal happenings in casinos and the outcomes of dealings with Chinese gang lords.

They discuss the new rules imposed to protect advantage players in Macau & ensure they have the right to a house edge and the likeliness of this spreading.

The two bring to the show to “Macau to Hollywood Gamblers” and explain that no matter what your origin, you might not be so happy with Apple or your current credit card from now on.

Of course as usual we hear about the good docs beatings and the Hot Aussie Chicks whines. Could she be the worst dog owner on earth? You decide & be sure to get us pics of your pooches!

July 19h, 2019:

Lets take Bets!

With the 50th WSOP almost out of the way and our new Main Event Champion Hossein Ensan crowned, summer camp is clearly no more.

The good doctor and his side kick chick discuss the results, highlights and things you probably missed. The duo go deep into apologies about a few legal blunders and two class action lawsuits that have been filed against the Encore Casino in Boston.

With Poker stepping out of the way blackjack and other casino games return to the forefront.  Lastly we talk about the stamina required for such long and drawn out tournaments.



January 11h, 2019:

In this episode of Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick, Dr. Nick speaks with video poker expert Bob Dancer.  The two talk how Video Poker played a role in the Las Vegas Shootings as well as Bob Dancers classes on Video Poker at the South Point Casino.  And how did Bob Dancer choose that name to begin with and does his wife Bonnie really have a gambling problem? What does it take to be a Pro in Video Poker and what can you expect in terms of comps from the casino marketing department? We discuss this and much more in this must listen to interview with noted Video Poker writer, lecturer and player of video poker.

Sept 27th, 2018:

In this episode of Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick, the Hot Aussie Chick is away and Dr. Nick talks with Poker Player, Stuntman and Actor Eric Aude about his new film that chronicles his false arrest and the three years he spent in a Pakistani Prison on the charges of drug trafficking.

Over his three years on death row Eric learned to play poker.  He organized games and tournaments with other inmate where they would compete for prison life necessities and luxuries.

The story was first documented in the TV show Locked Up Abroad.  As Eric states the TV show didn’t show the whole story.  3 years in Pakistan the Eric Aude story will tell the complete story of Eric’s time in jail.

Also discussed, is Eric’s involvement in the infamous poker games run by Molly Bloom as documented in the film Molly’s Game.  Find out how accurate the movie was and how much was exaggerated for Hollywood.

Sept 10th, 2018:

 Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick Show we discuss a new development in Dr. Nick’s ongoing struggle against the casino gaming industry.  A complexity of law suits that Dr. Nick has brought against various gaming related organizations has to led to what he believes is attempt to blackball him from all industry related events, although he could be wrong.  Here he gives his description of what he believes are the series of events that led to his media credentials being rejected at the 2018 World Gaming Expo, despite never being informed about what the Gaming Expo gate keepers call inappropriate and disruptive behavior despite no details ever being given.

Also Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick talk about the difference between hard and soft reporting, and why it’s a journalist duty to question the strategies of any organization whose results are being touted as a success even when the numbers are contrary to that assertion.

Dr. Nick explains why any good journalists must be objective and, what dangers come along with not being a cheerleader for the gaming industry.

On a lighter note related to sloppy reporting we discuss a recent article that describes noted poker author and psychologist Dr. Alan Schoonmaker’s background that is completely riddled with biographical errors.

August 31th, 2018:

Dr. Nick and The Hot Aussie Chick return after several weeks off.  Why have they have been MIA?  Dr. Nick discusses the launching of his new membership site Casino Exploits.  Also, the duo talk about the ever increasing cost associated with a trip to Sin City, how to play the soft 18 hand in Blackjack and, what in the world is Pai Gow anyway? In the poker universe they swing across to the ethics of those who play in and win their own tournaments.  Does Dr. Nick have an 82 year old girlfriend?, the Hot Aussie Chick thinks so. And will Dr. Nick’s ego finally explode when he touches down in Asia in November. During the show Danielle questions Dr. Nick in a poker news game of Never have I ever… Buckle up for a wild ride.

July 19th, 2018:

This week Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick talk to noted gambling attorney Bob Nersesian.  The duo talk to Bob about some of the more ridiculous cases he's come across and why the casino do the things they do. Bob is the a partner at the law firm of Nersesian and Sankiewicz based in Las Vegas.  He has defended professional advantage gamblers against the over reach of casinos all across the US and,  even being a associate counsel on a case that went all the way to the US Supreme Court. Bob gives his assertions on a few cases that he feels the courts got it wrong as well has giving a brief overview of his two books Beat the Player's and The Law for Gamblers, both published by Huntington Press. Sit back, relax and enjoy a 45 minutes of insight into one of the most gifted gambling legal minds of the modern era.

June 30th, 2018:

In the latest episode of Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick the duo interview Vegas Eric who talks about his 15 years of high stakes poker as well as the rise and fall of a high stakes player.  His highs and lows are discussed in depth as he opens up about his return to low level cash games after a series of bad runs and leaks. In this no holds barred interview Vegas Eric relays his cautionary tale about how bad things can get really fast.  Also he discusses the differences between the high level players and low level players. Also this week, Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino guide; the best selling gaming information book on the market talks about games, game status and of course the 1000s of dollars worth of coupons in the American Casino Guide Book.

June 6th, 2018:

Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie the duo talk about the first week of the WSOP 2018 as well as some current variations of the classic game of 21.  Also they talk about current Las Vegas conditions and what to expect in the rapidly decreasing amenities  of Las Vegas.
 Danielle talks about interviews she has done so far including an exclusive interview of Phil Helmuth’s response to people saying he’s “ROBBING” them because of a markup application on the forum

May 4th, 2018:

Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick discuss the up coming 2018 World Series of Poker events and the importance of preparing for the non poker related issues We talk the importance of  such things as travel and food, the importance of R&R during your extended Las Vegas Stay.  Also we talk of the great values in the LVA membership book to minimize the cost of your over all trip.
Also during the episode Dr. Nick gives an in-depth analysis on why the Martingale Betting System and D’Alembert Betting Systems fail in real casino play.  He applies these strategies to almost all 50 50 odds games like Craps, Baccarat and Roulette casino games.