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Gambling online in the US is controlled by the politicians and big business…don’t pretend it isn’t so. Please utilize this page to contact your representatives letting them know that you are demanding the right to play casino games online. If your state allows gambling in land-based operations, it is inconceivable that you cannot do it from the comfort of your own home. It’s a hypocritical argument to deny players the ability to play online if the state licenses brick and mortar casinos.

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Dear __________________________First off, thank you for your service to the great state of enter your state here. I’m writing today to address the online gambling situation in enter your state here. Obviously, you know residents of enter your state here are not able to gamble online. We can gamble in casinos, and we can buy lottery tickets, but unfortunately, we cannot do those things from the comfort and privacy of our homes.

I understand that there are those among us who, for whatever reason, should not gamble. These folks have a gambling problem and are not able to make sound decisions when gambling (like knowing when to stop). These people are going to gamble anyway, and land based casinos are not set up properly to stop them. Problem gamblers go unchecked on the casino floor. Things are much different online.

Regulated online gambling in Europe has been a reality for a number of years. It is through this regulation that casinos are 100% compliant with identifying problem gamblers via technology. Online casino software can be set to limit bets, and to close accounts that are deemed problematic. You won’t find these kinds of safeguards in a land based casino. Online casinos are actually safer for the player than a brick and mortar casino.

There are people like myself; responsible people who enjoy gambling in moderation, but don’t enjoy the casino atmosphere. We would rather play casino games in the privacy of our homes. There are also casino players who have difficulty traveling to land based casinos because of physical disabilities. These people should not be overlooked.

New Jersey and Delaware have legalized online gambling. Nevada has legalized online poker. It is time, in my humble opinion, for enter your state here to join these states and take advantage of the revenue that our state so desperately needs.

Please support properly regulated online casinos in our state. Thank you.

Sincerely, _________________________________


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