Standards for US Accredited Casinos

Player and Responsible Gaming Focused

  • Must have a clean history of fairness towards their customers.
  • Must be able to take care of any player issue swiftly and professionally.
  • Must display information about responsible gambling, with links to relevant organizations.
  • Must offer and enforce spending limits in addition to both temporary and permanent self exclusion options.
  • Must process KYC (Know Your Customer) documents: confirm validity while ensuring personal privacy is upheld.

Marketing Standards

  • Must not use false, misleading or deceptive advertising.
  • Must not spam, and must take appropriate actions against any affiliates or any third parties who do spam.
  • Must not cross promote to other properties without giving proper credit to affiliates and/or their advertisers.
  • Must not implement retroactive terms and conditions to their affiliate programs without explicit permission and agreement from the affiliate.

Operational Standards

  • Must pay winnings in a timely manner.
  • Must not disqualify any player from a payout if terms & conditions are met, except for situations of fraud (multiple-accounts, bogus ID documents, chargebacks, etc.,).
  • Must not confiscate winnings for vague & unclear reasons, such as “irregular playing patterns” or “bonus abuse”, without specific T&C violations.
  • Must not implement terms that can be construed as “unfair” towards the player.
  • No player shall be involuntarily placed into a situation which breaches the terms and conditions during the course of play.
  • Must pay out progressive jackpot wins in full or in reasonable chunks, regardless of any terms and conditions limiting payouts.*
  • Must remove any bonus and associated play-through requirements at the request of the player if play has not commenced.
  • Will not aggressively entice players to reverse cash withdrawals with bonuses or other incentives.
  • Will not use outsourced support. Player support must be in-house.
  • Must disclose all “sister” or related properties when applicable. If players are bound by terms that are enforced across a group of casinos, these casinos must be identified in an obvious place on the casino’s website. For example: if a player is allowed only one sign up bonus for a group of casinos, these casinos need to be listed in the bonus terms and conditions (or an equally noticeable spot). If a player self-excludes from one property, the casino needs to identify all related properties that are affected by the exclusion as well.

Industry and Player Assurances

  • RNG and/or software must be audited by a third party.
  • They must be licensed in the US.

* Excluding casinos which are bound by their licensing agreements.