Kentucky iLottery Raises Eyebrows With “No Withdrawal Of Player Deposit” Policy

iLottery website T&Cs confirm that only wins over and above the deposit can be withdrawn

Online gambling industry observers have reacted critically to the tweets by online gambling security information specialist Gus Fritschie this week drawing attention to Kentucky iLottery terms and conditions which prohibit the withdrawal of player deposits once made.

Fritschie warned that any “deposited” player funds will be retained in perpetuity by the state in a policy allegedly designed to combat money laundering, despite the clear tracking possible in online transactions.

Screenshots of the T&Cs show that Fritschie is not exaggerating, ruling that punters can only withdraw prize winnings, must be resident in the state, and can have “no more than $1,000 in funds deposited by you in your account, and you may have no more than $5,000 in prize winnings in your account”.