New U.S. Sports Betting And Poker Bills Introduced By Lawmakers In Numerous States

Several new bills cover fantasy sports, sports betting and online poker

Several U.S. States are looking for a piece of the sports betting action with the introduction of new bills

Washington State’s House of Representatives will consider a newTribal sports betting bill HB 1975 authored by Democrat Eric Pettigrew.

Sparse on in-depth detail, the bill allows for terrestrial and online sports betting on professional and collegiate sports wagering in tribal facilities.

“The bill doesn’t say very much, but the way federal Indian gaming law works is, just as long as the state permits something it opens the door for the tribes to operate based on what they negotiate,” Chris Stearns from the Washington State Gambling Commission said.

In the State of New York, Assemblyman and Chairman of the New York Committee on Racing and Wagering, Gary Pretlow, is taking another shot at online poker with the introduction of bill A4924. On the off-chance of its passage, operators would pay a $10 million fee for a 10-year license fee and 15 percent tax on gross revenue which would be allocated to the New York State Lottery Fund.

In Kentucky, Republican Adam Koenig introduced HB175, which is reportedly backed by over a dozen other senators. If this bill reaches the finish line, it would legalise fantasy sports, sports betting, online poker and mobile betting, all regulated by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.

In West Virginia, H2934 introduced by Democrat Jason Barrett would authorise online play through five terrestrial casinos situated in the State. Any expansion would be regulated by the West Virginia Lottery Commission who would levy $250,000 for a five-year license.

In the State of New Mexico, the opposite applies with the tabling of HB441 which effectively blocks the New Mexico Lottery from introducing sports wagering.

“HB 441 will help prevent further exploitation of our citizens by preventing more addictive forms of the lottery,” lobby group Stop Predatory Gambling New Mexico, said. “It would outlaw online gambling, any style of video lottery game, any sort of gaming on a mobile phone, any type of sports betting and play at the pump.

“HB 441 also gives the Legislature the opportunity to show [New Mexico Lottery] CEO David Barden that he doesn’t make the laws in New Mexico.)